The Name

You may be asking why the name or maybe your not and just don’t care, but either way your getting the story. Why the name The Abandoned Knight.
The Abandoned Knight(s) or TAK started with my two other friends L as you already know about him a little and R. R is the oldest but we feel like he’s our little brother. We’re all into the same hobbies, such as: video games, weapons in general and outdoor activities whether it’s camping, hiking whatever. The three of us joined together when we ended up at the same Supervised Independent Living Program; SILP. Basically it’s a place for youth 17 and up that are in the foster care system. A place to help them become independent and to move out on there own at 21. R and I became friends because I had the best wireless internet in the building-strongest and the fastest. Then L came along and we became even closer friends than what we already were from trade school. He took Computer and Electronics and I took it for half a semester then switched to Cyber Security and Networking. The three of us had a little get together in my apartment along with another individual name Z. Who was sort of apart of the group, but was not at the same time.
We all became really close friends. We started getting closer and closer the more we hung out and had TAK nights. Every time we would go out and do an activity together, we would take turns paying for each night. When someone needed something, the others had your back. We developed great trust in each other which still stands today.
One day, I decided to let them know that I always wanted to make YouTube videos. My last roommate and I started a channel and did some fun videos then he ditched out of nowhere. So I wanted to start again with these guys and that is what we did. Went through a few stupid names to finally find one that we all liked-KTRT. So, we started a group chat room on our windows phone…I know…don’t judge me…windows phones, pfft, never again! But we started a group chat room and one of the names we came up with was Thy Knights Of Thy Roundith Table. We even talked in old English for fun-still do once in a while actually. The name never stuck that well with us, so we kept thinking and thinking and eventually we came up with The Abandoned Knights. We are still the Knights and since we were basically abandoned by our parents and had gone into foster care, it fitted us perfectly. And since it is just me doing this blog and it is about me, just going to call it The Abandoned Knight.

P.P.S. If you would like to view our current YouTube channel the link is below or just type in TAK Productions. Click or tap on the one with the white photo with black outline camera as the profile. Don’t forget to subscribe and let us know, let me know what it is that you guys would like to see in upcoming videos.


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