14 Miles

Yesterday I went for a little walk that turns out to be 14 miles all together. I don’t mind walking far distances. I use to walk a lot when I was with my mom, so I am use to it and I enjoy walking a far. But it is worth it because I was able to check out some cool trails and parks. I really wish I had a DSLR so I can really capture the experience that I had!

Chautauqua Rails to Trails was an active railroad corridor from 1865 to 1978. Rails to Trails bought the land in 1991 to make it an recreational public off-road trail for hiking, bicycling, bird watching, horseback riding and cross country skiing.

Luensman Overview park is a 70-acre overlook of Lake Erie and the Canadian shore. There is  1 mile long trail you can follow, picnic pavilion to bring friends and family for a day out of fun.



  1. Well, I thought if I lived close to that park, I would go there often as it was a beautiful view of Lake Erie; glad you got a chance to visit the place again. I like it when they convert railways into trails; provides some really nice trails off of the road.



  2. Nice pictures; looks like you took a walk on a beautiful day. Is that the park we stopped at on the way home from camping this summer? Wow, I’m impressed with your ambition to walk that far!

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    1. Yeah it’s the park we went to that day. On the way up there there was another little trail that I figured I’ll walk. It was cool to see that’s where a train use to go through to get between many cities in PA to many cities in NY.



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