As I established in my bio on the about page, I been interested in the military, the United States Marine Corps to be exact. What I’m asking myself is college or military. Which to do first. To get it out of the way, I’m interested in a few different jobs. Combat camera, combat engineer, force recon or dog handler. Today I’m going to inform you of the pros and cons of both going into college then the military or going into the military and then college.

Attending college before doing service you will get that becoming of age experience, going to college and earning a degree, something to be proud of. With that degree you may have a chance of getting a higher pay, you maybe qualify for a certain MOS(Military Occupational Specialty) you would like to get. Also there is greater potential in get promoted faster since you will have a degree saying you are qualified to do whatever it is that you earned in a degree in, you will be a head of the guy that does not have a degree and has to learn everything from the beginning. However if you do attend college then your retirement will be later for instance, if I go into the military now I could retire at 40 instead of let’s say 44 or 45 years old which isn’t a huge deal but it is if your trying to retire early. Do college first then you just might have to take out college loans. It will also give you time to think whether the military is right you.

Serving out a single military contract which is about same time as a bachelor degree then you can have your early retirement. You can get on-the-job-training for dozens of career tracks that does not require a degree and these skills can further develop in college. You can get your college paid for depending what college you go to, it can either be fully paid or half paid which any amount will help with these high priced colleges. And of course you will get medical paid for and housing if gunners it or just want it. But you might struggle trying to juggle school and military service. Going back and forth. For some it will be difficult to transition from military to civilian life before of what you seen or did overseas.

There is a program called ROTC. Which stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps. If your interested in becoming an officer for the military then this program with be great for you because they pay for college and you commit to joining the military when your done. You receive valuable training in military skills, leadership development, and academic study. This program is available at many colleges around you.




  1. Glad you are thinking about your future. I like Phil’s idea of getting some job experience now which you ponder the matter:)



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