Hair, Urine, Dirty Laundry, Stress

The title of this post explains my current living situation. I’m living with L and his mom, T, two dogs and two cats in a 1 bedroom apartment, but not for long.

Living here is very stressful because one, we have a lady that’s out of one’s mind and has so many mental problems. Starting with Dissociative identity disorder which is the same as multiple identity disorder. She is always stating how she studied everything, if you start up a conversation with her about science, doctors, animals, video games, etc. She will say that she studied it for years and claim how right she is about the topic. Even if it’s something new that was just researched, she knows all about it because she “studied it her whole life”. She is from every state or country. When she is talking to someone her voice starts to change throughout many different accents and will tell them that she’s from Italy, Britain, Texas or wherever. So yes, she is a pathological liar and compulsive liar. To explain this is simple. She just lies all the time. She is a person who breaks everything and finds a excuse for how it was not her and it is everyone else’s fault. She broke the stove that came with the apartment, her excuse for this is that the oven exploded a little so it broke the glass and the stove tops arched electricity and burn her. That has nothing to do with why the stove top burners are all bent up and the oven door is half broken off. It’s quite funny actually because we caught her in a lie, we brought up the oven door again and this time she said that she opened the door and it flew off so the front window broke. Not exactly what she said the first time so L and I just nodded our heads and said “Mhmm”. We are in the process of moving once again because of her actions, the landlord is furious with her.

An addition, is all the animals. Don’t get me wrong you can ask anyone that really knows me that I love animals no matter what. It’s just T’s “service dogs” that are really vexatious and undisciplined. Both dogs, Charlie and Baby, urinates in the house everyday. Baby is a small short-haired pekingese and T let’s her urinate and poop all over the place because she won’t take her out and tell L and I not to. Baby’s urine isn’t as bad as when Charlie urinates. Charlie is a large 3 year old border collie and when take him out and for someone reason urinates for a long time. But when L and I go to the library or sit at the deli to waste time and try and fine something to do, T will not take Charlie out at all. So when we come back he will start urinating because we can fully get he vest on or while watching a movie he will randomly urinate himself and it is a lot and I mean a lot (check out picture number 3). It is super difficult to clean it up specially when she buys a sponge mop. All it does is push and smear it even further. So all of our socks and clothes gets soaked with urine. Which brings me to my next point. ( Blog continues after photos)

Laundry. I’m not proud of it but all of our laundry is smelly, has stains and who knows what else. Since it is a little apartment upstairs we don’t have a washer and dryer but there is a laundromat not even a block away.m, more like 100 feet. The problem is that we don’t have any money, so that is out of the question. Hand washing is fine but I don’t like washing them without soap because it is not actually washing them. I’m just a walking dirty laundry hamper. I guess that is all I have to say about laundry. Not much else to say really.

So this is my living situation, getting urine and hair everywhere from the dogs, people constantly lying, money shortages, people yelling and blaming everyone else. I’ll make another post about the town itself and what’s around and what’s not around.



  1. Ok, well, that was quite descriptive. Doesn’t sound optimal for sure. I guess it is an educational experience; now you have a better idea of what you DON’T want for yourself when you have your own place.

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