I got a request to talk about my BM (Biological Mother). I don’t know too much about her but I’ll try my best. This post will probably be a little jumpy like hear and there only because I only remember some things before I was taken away.

Before I got taken away from my mom at the age of 9, I was just with my mom. There was a guy at the house a lot but I don’t remember if he stayed there or just came over a lot. I do know he was not my dad. Quick note-I remember that my dad was a crippled. There was something wrong with his legs so he had to use crutches. That didn’t stop him from walking a lot though. Me and him and my mom would walk around a lot, pretty far too. Also me and my dad would try and race, him on crutches and me as a little boy. That’s why now I really don’t get tired from walking far or have a problem if I have to walk somewhere that’s far. Usually I’ll choose to walk instead of taking the bus places. I appreciate long walks. (I’m going to have to do a lot of walking while carrying like an extra 90 pounds in the military for the hikes, so, might as well get use to it, right?) I know my mom and I had some fun times because I always remember laugher and playing around a lot as a kid. I remember this one time I ended putting this one guy in jail of sorts. Was living maybe somewhere in east Buffalo and the guy was beating my mom and stomping her stomach for some reason. And the cops were called and he walked away fast down the street and when the cops finally came and asking her questions and stuff and I remember randomly saying “that’s the guy right there” and they caught up to him arrested him I believe. And that’s all I could recall from that situation.
Then we moved to another location off of E Ferry St. in Buffalo. Which is where I got taken from after maybe a year or so there. Somebody called the cops on her saying she was beating her kids because the guy upstairs from us was a drug dealer and wanted us out of the house for whatever. So the cops came and they were found doing drugs and took me and my little brother Chris across the street to this older ladies house that we knew already. She was the pastor at a small church around the corner. Then did the whole foster care thing and maybe about a couple years ago I found out that she was living down the street from where the SILP building I was living at. I talk a little bit more about SILP in my older post called The Name if you haven’t read that yet. So I would go there a couple times and talk to her. She does miss me and my little brother a lot but she is still drinking, not sure about the drug part, maybe a little but I’m not sure. So that is when she got her rights of me taken away from her because she couldn’t clean herself up in time. We see her once in a while. Harder for me now since I’m not living in Buffalo. Sorry for the way this post came out, I don’t know much about my mom at this point.




  1. Aaron, thank you for sharing about your biomom! I’m sure that wasn’t easy to share about but I love how you hold onto the good memories. I enjoy reading your blog and learning more about you! You are a blessing to me and my family and I know the Lord has great things in store for you!

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  2. Well thanks for sharing about your BM! I like hearing what you remember about her and your dad too. Funny how things associated with positive memories (like walking with dad) translates into a positive perspective about the activity (walking) today.

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