Life as a PK

Remember in my first post where I explain a little about my past and a couple homes that I considered as home out of 12 foster homes? The second family I considered home was a house of the lord. By that I mean my father is the pastor and mother was the secretary, but now she works at a prison which is not a bad thing because is helping the people in there.
I also mentioned that it’s nice to see the church in a different perspective than how the congress see it. So today I’m going to talk about life as a pastor’s kid. So that you know, this is the third time I was the kid of a pastor, but this pastor, father, home was beyond compare.

As the congress you normally would go to church at a certain time like maybe 9:00 or 10:00, maybe earlier. Maybe talk to a couple people, grab your bulletin and take your seat. Look up at the pastor or worship team and listen, sing along and just absorb what the lord has to say today. Then it’s time for offering and you pass the basket or plate around putting your money in and observing the ushers gathering in the back with the plates and there gone(future post coming). At the end you may stay for snacks and chat with a few people, grab your kids and leave. Then your off on the rest of your day to watch the Bills dominate. Haha! But it’s a little different as the pastor’s kid or just as the pastor.

As a pastor’s kid, you will see everybody that’s at the church and get to know everyone. You are more involved in different church activities, groups, classes, etc. Which isn’t a problem at all because it’s fun to meet as many people as you can and hear everyone’s stories on how god has help them throughout their lives. Also as PK, you see all the paper work pastors have to do and you can see how the sermon is developed every week and see that pastors aren’t just sitting around and just waiting until the day of to gather his/her sermon together. It is like having backstage passes to a 21 Pilots concert- you get to see everything that happens before hand and after instead of just attending church and you see the pastor going up to the podium and begin speaking. Another thing as a PK, maybe not for me as much as my foster brother T who is the biological son of pastor P, but getting asked a lot if your going to become a pastor like your dad and you have to wonder if he starts feeling guilty that he doesn’t want to be one and feel like your disappointing people (not our parents) by saying so. Oh! And yes! You will be the last to leave every Sunday.

Well that’s a little bit of how I feel about being a pastors kid. I really enjoy it. I love meeting new people and getting involved in different things. Having a pastor and father, really opens your eyes about god and what it takes to follow Him and becoming a christian. I was lucky to have both a great father and mother and a great pastor.



  1. Wow!!! Thanks Aaron, that was quite a complimentary post about your experience living in our family. Thanks for sharing your perspective; interesting to see how you experienced things; it warmed my heart.

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