My first post name Introduction I talked about having many options and that something is holding me back. Here’s what I said, “I’ve had many choices and chances throughout the time of staying with them and every time, I’ve choose the wrong one. Something is holding me back”! I think it’s about time to start talking about what it is that’s holding me back…the sacrifices!

Been living with L and T for about a year now and I have gotten nowhere in life. L is my best friend, name, lucas. T is his mother, Teresa. You have to know something about Teresa, you will get yelled at for no reason, even if you do exactly what she ask you to do. You will hear her talk about how she and her “service” dogs were attacked so many times around the world. You will hear her talk in different accents because she is from every state and every country in the world. She is very unstable and have multiple mental problems. Teresa is an Army vet, but this isn’t the reason for the mental problems. She haven’t seen any action when she was over there, she was like some tech person in an office. Actually, she doesn’t even say herself that it’s from the military. She blames everyone else in The United States of America for the reason she’s all messed up in the head and have injuries. She does not save any money for whatever reason and then blames us for living with her and spending all of her money. This is the fastest month we went through money. She $3000 on the 1st on her card and then she left me and Lucas $10 each for food and went off to Buffalo for 2 days. She spent a little over $2000 and came back saying it’s her money she can do whatever she wants with it. Yeah, nothing is wrong with that, except when you spend more than half of it when we still have a whole month to go. I know she is hoping her settlement from her accident comes in because the attorney said it’ll be in around 21 days and it’s $18,000. So she’s just waiting on that money to come in. Which it did but she doesn’t understand she can’t just go to a bank and cash a $18,000 check. That’s why she went to Buffalo again yesterday and spent the rest of the money for a cab and food and what not.

Alright, so she came back this morning and already started yelling at me. She always complaining how I need to go and how I just sit around and sleep all day doing nothing. So I decided to argue back this time. I said that “I’m the only one that ever helps you without giving any attitude because I have no problem helping anyone.” And that “I’m the only one that actually gets up in the morning”. Every morning I’m the only person that wakes up early and tries to leave to the library and the store/deli to sit around at and look for this to do for the whole day. And if Teresa needs help with something I say yes I can help you with that. Lucas will not wake up and help anyone do anything. Giving attitude with every request given to him to do something. So where was Lucas this morning when she was yelling at me for whatever reason…yeah he was sleep…sort of. Before she started yelling at me we were talking and getting up because she wanted us to go to the store. So I don’t know what his problem is. When lucas and his mom are yelling, something I will jump in to help him out but he doesn’t ever seem to help me at all…with anything. I had a job, better living situation, going to college but since being with lucas I haven’t been able to regain what I had. So maybe I’m just better off without him. His mind is not prioritizing what is suppose to be done. Has no responsibilities, won’t clean after himself…Let him fail by himself.


One thought on “Sacrifices 

  1. OK, I’m afraid you may not have a friend left if he reads many of your blog posts. With that being said, I like the idea of you thinking for yourself and making decisions that will benefit your future.


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