The Return

I’m back…back in Buffalo, back to short hair, back to black and best of all I’m back with you guys! Did you think I forgot about you? Man! I haven’t been posting in a while, so let me rewind this back a little bit.

Alright I was being left behind in Brocton, NY where L, his mom T and I were staying and then she decided to come and get L and leave me. (Someone please let me know if your getting tired of the name abbreviations or if it’s getting confusing, I will stop and use first names). T came back for the rest of her stuff and randomly decided “oh, your coming with us, can’t just leave you here”. So I went along ended up back in Downtown Buffalo. As I’m staying everything is slowly getting bad in the couple weeks of being there. Everyone arguing, fighting, yelling, it’s pretty crazy. Plus I’m not welcome there anyways. Had to leave that place.

I wondered on down to my mom’s house and been staying here for about 2 1/2 weeks now. I’ll do an in depth post about this later but, it’s a great place to stay at until I get back on my feet and move out…again…but this time I won’t be forced.

Wwhhhooooaaaa! Did someone say “back to short hair”?! Yes, I wouldn’t say short hair necessarily right now. I just don’t have any dreads. Maybe just one! (Next Post)

Oh yeah…didn’t I tell you, I been teaching myself Svenska(Swedish) for no reason at all for the last month and a half or so.

Hallå, hur mår du? Tack för läsning!


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