Would I Stay or Would I Go

Military is a big decision! Somebody asked me “If I were to get my life back together, would I stay?” Having my life together would consist of a great job, living on my own or with girlfriend/wife, a car, gym membership, actual friends, etc. But…would I stay?
I know the military could be dangerous. We [USA] wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t have a military or weren’t dangerous. If every man and woman listened to their parents or significant other telling them not to join then I don’t know how we would have gotten through in this world. Our government would be controlled differently, we’ll have terrorist running around all Willy nilly. So, we don’t listen, at least not all of us, and we go in to support our country as much as we can. I believe if everyone served at least 1 contract in any branch, the world would be a better place.

I tend to always want more, always expect more out of things and people. I want my life to be a little bit more exciting and I don’t seem to get it from just being a citizen. I can sit here and prevent hackers from penetrating into a company’s database or whatever. But I could also travel around and prevent terrorist from penetrating into the governments systems. I could be a security guard for a bar or some random company protecting people from hurting each other, bar fights, etc. but being a security guard for the US Embassy over seas sounds a little more interesting. Going through many tough trainings to protect more sensitive information and valuable people.

Another thing is that you have to chance of developing a brotherhood more substantial than any other. Yes, you can become best friends with your next door cubicle buddy but that’s not the same. Having somebody travel with you for 4 – 20 years, having to trust them and know they have your back and you watching their back until death is another thing.

So I repeat the question at hand. Would I stay?



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