Update #2 Whats Been Happening

Wow! So, it has been a while, huh guys?! Well I’m back and I’m here with some good news. If you have been following my blog for a little while now then you will know that there has been some chaos and not much of anything else going on. Keep reading to hear about what has changed and what college I’m going to and where I’m working at.

So, since the last time I posted about my life, changes have accrued. I now work at a lovely coffee joint called Tim Hortons. I have been there for about 4 mouth and I really love it. I love that I get to interact with customers even though sometimes they can be rude but they just want their coffee, most of them. The job is pretty easy but can get chaotic during the mornings around 6:00, but that just makes everything interesting, doesn’t it? Now I’m only working like one or two days a week because of school. Speaking of which…

Independence. Responsibility. Self-Motivation. These few words are associated with college, as among others. As I have been accepted into the Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking at Villa Maria College, I, myself have accepted the responsibility of being independent, responsible of my own actions and self-motivated. College is definitely a big step from high school. In college, you are more on your own, you have to make the decision of doing something with your life even more so. You chose to put in that application and to take out loans if you needed to. You don’t have the same teachers that babied you in high school, bugged you about getting your work done. You are an adult now. Start acting like it. As maybe most of you know, I enjoy making and editing videos, taking and editing photos and maybe just the love of art itself, so, taking this program is not a surprise. I have been busy this week with Welcome Week, which is a string of activities throughout the week to interact with other students, meet the staff and become more involve with the school. And yes, I have been to all of them. My two favorites were Chalk Villa and the Club Fair. Chalk Villa is where you basically just grab some chalk and get to chalking up the from sidewalks of the main building. Me and one of my new friends from film class were able to go start early and it was pretty fun. I drew 2 things which I’ll show below along with the rest of the students chalk work. The club fair was my other favorite and that was basically what the name says. That’s right, the day we get to sign up for clubs and I signed up for four and maybe another one if I can. The four I chose were Film Club, Photography Club, Gaming Guild(Club) and Debate Club! They do exactly what the name implies so I hopefully don’t have to go into the explanation of that.

The only thing that hasn’t changed much is me still living with my mom. Living with her is still pretty bad, mentally stressful and only god knows what else. She and everybody else still drinks and smokes all day and night and get very drunk at night so sleeping there or just being there is very stressful. I say mentally stressful because it is not very healthy to be sitting in the middle of everything, just listening and knowing the minute I say something about it things will just get worst and not stop. So, it helps that I can be at the college however long I want. School opens at 7:30am and closes at 12:00 am, not that I stay until 12:00am but I typically stay about 15 hours a day in the college. I would stay until 12:00am but I know I wouldn’t feel like walking back to the house at midnight, so, I just leave around 9:00pm. There’s also a gym here obviously that I can use and help my journey of weight loss and give me something else to do.

Alright, guys I’m sorry for not posting in a while. I kind of left everyone in the dark for the past few months. Once again I will try and keep on this so you know what is going on.



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