Hey there, My name is Aaron Harris-Harrell, but you can call me AC. I am an African American man that got taken away from his mother and put into the foster care system at age 9. I signed myself out at 19. Through the 10 years of being fostered I was placed 12 different times experiencing many homes and environments. That never stopped me too much from doing the things I enjoy. I love outdoor activities from sports to camping with friends and family. I always been into film production. Cinematography, videography, visual effects. Self taught to use Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro. Right now I’m self teaching myself photography. Figure since I’m into the video part of everything, might as well do photography. I’m really big on technology  so I will argue back if it is something that I know about…Apple…Oh yeah! I went to trade school and took Cyber Security and Networking. I’m in love with animals: dogs, cats, snakes, rats, etc. I am also interested in the United States Marine Corps. I do not prefer the army because the Army because it is to easy to get in, everyone gets in. The Air Force… I don’t even know, nothing about it appeals me and for the Navy, I just don’t want to be on a ship, on water my whole life.  Takes more skills, commitment and discipline to join the branch that is first to fight in battle. More of a challenge. I’m also interested in photography and cinematography. Only thing I’m missing is a DSLR camera, for now I just use my iPhone 6S Plus.