Then There were 2

This is a post I forgot to unload a day ago but here you guys go.

T is gone and took L with her. I couldn’t go with, which is fine. She came back yesterday and took the dogs and then one of the cats ran away somehow. Now it’s just me and the one cat that doesn’t like me at all. Hmm.
Since she has to be out of the apartment by the 30th or something, that means I have like 9 days to figure out where I’m going to go and how I’m going to get there, but I do know it won’t be with T again. Even if I could I probably wouldn’t.

Could things get worst?


Did it?


“Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38

As I was worrying about the food situation for those 9 days with only $20 from T. Putting up with her and being treated like crap and being asked to take care of her dogs for a little and asked to do this and that and only getting $20. I don’t know either! I don’t usually ask for anything in return but in this situation, you bet I will want something from her. She already owes me a few things. Anyways all the giving is turning out to be good because last night I’m laying down sort of watching TV, isn’t anything else to do, no internet for games or whatever, no movies, no friends, and then I get a knock at the door a couple times :)- not going to get into that- but someone was knocking and I answered it.

It was my neighbor(the new guy) and he knows someone named J very closely and I know J from the library, so small world or maybe just small town. He offered to bring me some food over. You know, some donuts, chips, drinks, etc. No I don’t have to worry too much about how I’m going to eat and now I can focus on where I’m going to live. Trading one for the other.

Don’t worry I will get back into my usual blog, information type post. I’m 50/50 on these quick update post because I like to have order and a certain theme for each post, I don’t like just skipping around and putting whatever comes to mind about that week, past few days or whatever. Like just simple single topics.



For the past week, L and I have been dumpster diving. Yes! I know…but before you start coming up with different conclusions, we don’t have much of a choice.
His mom T isn’t good with money because she always thinks that she has more money than what’s actually there. She get $3200 a month, which is definitely enough for groceries, utilities, rent and some play around money, but she refuses to buy any food because according to her “we don’t have enough money and that we can just go to the food pantry”. Food pantry is good food but definitely not enough for three people and when she’s feeding half of the food to the dogs. “Oh, dogs need chicken and rice”, “need to eat this and that”. The dogs are perfectly fine eating dry dog food and maybe some wet food for later but not all day long.
So yeah, dumpster diving. For one, dumpster diving is legal in the US. There are just different rules for different towns, cities, whatever. Once you throw away for garbage, it becomes accessible to the public. Children, animals, scavengers, etc. However if the dumpster is behind and fence and states no trespassing then you will get either questioned, ticketed or arrested, but the store manager or whoever property it is has to report it.
I always wanted to dumpster dive because for one if your dumpster diving for food and at certain stores and restaurants, I figured “Hey, the food is still in the wrappings so your not really eating dirty garbage food”. Stores like Tim Hortons, Begal Shops, sandwich shops, bakery’s and many more are great for exploring there dumpsters. Stores like these mkae fresh food, donuts and bagels everyday, but if nobody buys them then they have to throw them away at night. So that’s just a big waste of food right there and can definitely be donated at least to people or places that just want any type of food to survive. Like they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure.
We would wait until 12:30 when the store closes and employees finish up there closing routine and leave. Then we take a Nike bag over with us open the dumpster side door and reach in and grab the food trash bag that they throw away when they leave the store and untie the bag. We start looking for pizza boxes, burger bags, brownie bags, etc. There are mostly burgers and a few pizzas. The other night we were able to get 5 salads, there not really that goods without dressing so I didn’t really eat them, L’s mom T did. She has this thing about mayo where whatever she’s eating she has to have a ton of mayo on it