Who/What inspires you

Inspiration can come in many different ways by many different people or things. Let’s talk about the people that inspired me or who helped me when I needed some advice.

The first person that inspired me a lot was Uncle PJ because he would he would take me out with him to different places and teach me a thing or two. He was one of those guys that knows a little about everything, so he would get hired by people around Buffalo to do a new roof, fix some pipes, cars, lawn care, painting and whatever else you can think of. Just about every time he would have a job to go to he would bring me along with him and show the proper way of doing something. So I consider myself very diverse in the handy world of fixing things, haha, if that makes sense, confused myself a little bit. But other than that he was really cool and respectful and he was there if I needed help with something
Another person that I really look up to is my former youth director D, I say former because I’m no longer in the youth group, got to old :). But that doesn’t stop us from being great friends and helping each other out. D and I created a pretty cool secret handshake that we would do whenever we see each other on Sunday or different church events. I look up to D because I love the advice he gives me. Now due to my current situation we have not done what I’m about to explain to you in a while. Once in a while we would get together and go to a movie or go out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays-which is an amazing restaurant and the salad bar is my absolute favorite especially those homemade croutons, Mm Mm Good! It was fun getting to go out and have that little guys night and that personal connection. But the best part was the socializing part. Where I can trust him and he can trust me and we would just talk and I’ll tell him some problems that would be going on between me and whoever or some choices that I would be struggling with and he will just give me great advice on how I could fix it or get through it and to be a better person. He wasn’t just a youth director, but a friend you can trust and relate to.

People’s smiles are another thing that gets me through the day. Like I mentioned before in one of my older post is that I really like helping people and that I have no problem with helping people. If you ask me for help I will do it without argument.

Sometimes I’ll do it the minute you ask me to do, no matter what I’m doing I will stop and do. Playing a game or watching a movie , no problem, I’ll stop it and just go right to doing it. Games aren’t that important to me-I lose then I lose. But then there’s other times where I’ll wait until later to take care of it but I’ll still get it done.

But what I mean about people’s smiles is that when I help people and they give me a smile, then I really appreciate it because it gives me joy that I gave them joy. Let me tell you a story…

I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say “Because of you, I didn’t give up.”

About a week ago, I was sitting in front of the library 3 hours before they open because I don’t like sitting in the house with T yelling at me for helping her with everything she asked me to. So I usually leave to sit at the store, they have a deli and some tables or I’ll go to the library. On the day I went the library opened at 1:00 and a few people came by and I told them they opened at 1:00, just normal information giving. This one women and her husband came by and was looking for the same thing, the time when the library opened because they were interested in a library card. They just moved up here from the south and wanted information on how to get a library card. So I stood up and put my phone down explained to them in very great detail of what you need and how easy it is to obtain one. While I am talking to her, in my head I just have this really good feeling that I can’t explain. And it’s making me happier and happier inside. When we were done, she started to explain to me that I was the first person that went out of their way and took the extra time to explain how to do or get something since they came up to NY. She stated that everyone is always so busy and I made a comment “yeah, apparently everyone’s always too busy to help someone”. The next day she came in and got her library card and a few movies and then she saw me and came over. She told me some more stories about how her husband felt the same way how I’m the first person to help them since they got here. Also she was telling me that she started to cry when she got home that day because she really appreciated my enthusiasm to help her and my smile that gave her a smile and she wanted to give me a hug. So we hugged. So everyday she comes in and bring back movies and books and get new ones, she walks over to me smiling and tells me different stories about her life and what’s she’s doing. Telling me about her walks, who past away in her family, the vacation that she’s taking this Sunday and just different things that she volunteering to tell me. And everyday I leave with a smile thinking why can’t everyone be nice and more mature but no everyone is too tied up with what their doing to realize what’s going on. I was talking to someone and we were talking about how people come in and out of our life for a reason. We’ll talk about her later :)!