Quick Update

Alright this is just a quick little update for the past week. Basically it’s the same story but just so you guys know what’s been going on since my last post.
My best friends mom T has received her $18,000 settlement and she left to Buffalo for a whole week leaving us here at the house and she is already down to $3000 somehow and nothing to show for it. We even had a plan of getting our own place but I guess that’s not going to happen.

Other than that me and L been taking care of the dogs and cats and the house. T gave us $100 the first day she left and said to do the laundry and a couple other things and then left for a couple days. Why!?!? No idea. But if we did all the laundry and whatever else then we wouldn’t have money for food. Then she came back for something and L asked for $300 and bought a $150 sword and a few other things we didn’t need and then some food. So we had to sell his rifle for some money-got about $325 and that didn’t last to long either. A lot of the food that we’re eating is pre-made so that’s probably why it goes quicker.

The jeep that L bought last month finally got towed away. It wasn’t a working jeep(second time he bought a non working jeep) and it was sitting in the municipal parking lot and they gave him multiple warnings to move it or it’ll be towed because if you live in the village, you can not have a car without license plates sitting around in the open. So he received multiple warnings but we couldn’t move it because it doesn’t drive and nobody was willing to help us. But so eager to ask us for help! That’s all I see in the world today. People can only help themselves.

Anyways that’s all I have for you guys today. Sorry for the jumping around, there wasn’t much else to say besides just sitting around with nothing to do. But stay tune I am probably moving back to Buffalo with my mom until I can make enough money to live on my own or fine a someone that wants to share a house or something like that.